Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Foto Hot Party Artis Nadila Ernesta ' Black Bikini '

Nadila Ernesta

Nadila Ernesta

Nadila Ernesta

Nadila Ernesta

Nadila Ernesta

Nadila Ernesta Wins Asia Model Festival Awards

Despite knowing that would get the award as Asia Model Festival 2011, held in Seoul Korea. Nadila Ernesta but still could not imagine her feelings when she received this award. Nadila Ernesta said that she had never had thoughts to get this award.

"I do not imagine it feels to receive it. Glad really, not have thought, never exist in the brain I think can award," she said when met in the area of ​​Bangka, South Jakarta, on Monday.

Nadila Ernesta tells us that when the announcement was, the feeling of emotion, fun and happy raging in her mind that made girl nervous when riding onto the stage.

"Up there it was up groggily climbed well into the stage to meet other Asian people," she explained.

For the future Nadila Ernesta admitted there was no other target. She just wants to keep what she has achieved and look for more of this achievement to go international level.

"No thoughts right now just to maintain what is now obtained first. continues to be the best. And this wish could have been spelled out to go international in Asia," she said.


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