Saturday, October 30, 2010

Foto Seksi Paha Mulus Artis Maia Estianty

Maia Estianty

Maia Estianty

Maia Estianty

Maia Estianty

Maia Estianty Find New Challenge in his career

Maia Estianty seems to want to seek new challenges in his career. She explained that currently he was like behind the scenes because the music she's already got what she accomplished.

"In music I've reached the point of getting awards. Not in a comfort zone, but I've got all the music so would anything else. I am now again looking to create a new adrenaline rush," he said when met at the show TV One Opinion on City Walk, Sudirman, Jakarta, Thursday (30 / 9).

Currently Maia Estianty tried to pursue songwriting world. Because according to the woman who became the author is very rare in Indonesia. She hopes more women could be like this.

"Rather than anything else, women who could write songs, arranger was infrequently really. I expect a lot of women are like this,"

Former wife of Ahmad Dhani has also confirmed that she will not leave the world to sing.

"Sing baseball as possible, I wanted to like Titik Puspa, but perhaps my appearance baseball as before, now turns the same young," she said.


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